About Urbanista At Home


Hi everyone, I’m Emma! Thanks for stopping by my little DIY home and lifestyle blog, Urbanista At Home!

The idea for this blog started back when I was a teenager and I started getting into hobbies that were traditionally thought of as “house-wife hobbies”. You know the types of activities I’m talking about: baking, sewing, party planning, home decorating, scrapbooking, and all the many sorts of activities generally thought of as “crafts”. While I loved the creativity and productivity that went in to these sorts of “house-wife” activities, I certainly didn’t fit the stereotype of a 1950s suburban homemaker living in green-lawned suburbs on the city outskirts. I’ve mostly lived in urban city settings – I love the busy, noisy, ever-changing atmosphere of being a city dweller.

I definitely admire women who support their family from home and love the idea that every woman should have a choice to live her life and support her family in a variety of roles, from homemaker to working mother. However, to this point in my life, I haven’t had the life experience to be able to personally identify with the homemaker role.

 Even with all the general busy-ness that comes with working full time and juggling family and social life, those “house-wife hobbies” have been some of the activities that have kept me happy and sane. There is nothing that better helps me take my mind off a hard day than spending an hour baking cookies, or an evening of scrapbooking with friends. For this reason, I wanted to start this blog, something devoted to those little creative, at-home activities that I love so much.

With the entries you’ll find in this blog, I wanted to show that even if you think you defy the stereotypical view of a 1950s “home-maker” and instead identify as a modern and trendy “urbanista”, it’s still a whole lot of fun to take up the activities traditionally associated with the June Cleavers and Stepford Wives of the world.  I am hoping that “Urbanista at Home” can be a place to share ideas, thoughts and comments on many creative “at-home” activities for the urban-at-heart.

xo Emma (aka Urbanista at Home)

Please Note:

The information present on this blog is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice, such a medical, legal, tax, emotional or other types of advice. 

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.


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