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Let’s Go Adventuring: A Nature-Inspired Doorway with AspenBlueCo.’s Coir Doormats (Product Review)


Review Disclaimer: This article reviews a product which I received for free in exchange for providing my own honest opinion and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and do not reflect those of the product’s company or its affiliates.

Your entryway is the last bit of home you get to experience on your way out the door, and it’s the first taste of home that you get when you come back in.  It’s the setting for that critical “first impression” moment when a guest first enters the house, and the place where you hug your guests goodbye at the end of a visit. A place of importance, but I’ve never necessarily given it much thought before.

A few weeks back, when AspenBlueCo. asked if I’d review their gorgeous, hand-painted coir doormats if they sent one to me, I jumped at the chance to receive one. Their work is beautiful, and there are so many unique designs to choose from, with the further option of customizing any mat. It took me awhile to choose one, but I finally decided on the “Tree tops” design. When I saw that she offered a mat that featured the silhouette of an evergreen forest, I pretty quickly knew how perfectly it would help me bring a bit of BC’s natural beauty inside, and help me make my entryway that much more inviting.

We live in  Coquitlam, which is a smaller city that is part of Greater Vancouver, and one of the things I love most about living here is that you can have urban lifestyle while still being nestled in a gorgeous natural environment, surrounded by trees and mountains. However, living in an apartment also means it feels a little like I live in a concrete box in the sky, a little bit removed from the outdoors. This design was the nice way to bring the outdoors inside.

With their customization option, I was able to add a quote above the treeline, opting for something that would put an extra pep in my step when left the apartment each morning: “Let’s Go Adventuring”.  I loved being able to customize the design with something that fits my personality.


The soft coir material is the perfect medium for removing the dust and dirt buildup on your soles without tracking it in the house. The painted areas are a bit harder, which I could see would be good for scraping tougher stuff off shoes. If you’re looking for an overall softer mat, Aspen Blue Co.’s options with less paint and just writing would probably a good option (there are a ton of cute options in this category – I love the “hi” one!)

Take a look at AspenBlueCo.’s entire collection on their Etsy store here. Vancouver-based, quality, hand crafted, and cute are some of the key words for my home decor shopping goals, and Aspen Blue Co. ticks off all those boxes.



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