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After the Cork Pops at Midnight: Making and Keeping Creativity-Focused Resolutions




Happy New Year, UAH readers! We’ve made it through some pretty rough and tumble times in the past year to reach 2017 – which has only made us stronger than ever, and so ready to take on whatever this next set of 365 days has in store for us.

In celebration of this fresh new start, I propose that in addition to whichever resolutions you might have made this year, that you also make some creativity-focused resolutions, a commitment to enhancing your creative self and getting in touch with your own imaginative intuition.

Now, unlike regular New Year’s resolutions, these resolutions are not to be seen as hard-to-achieve goals that will require you to change your life to the point that you tire of the change after just a few days. There is no requirement for these goals to be “Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Trackable” (aka “SMART” goals). Because these are, in their very essence, “creative” and based in imaginativeness (which are two things that cannot be forced) I would propose that these types of resolutions are more guidelines, reminders, or ways of thinking, to help nurture your creativity throughout this upcoming year.

I’ve come up with a list of ideas of ways I can be more creative in 2017, and I wanted to share them with you, so that they might serve as inspiration for you in your own path to increased creativity! Take a look through and feel free to adopt any of these “resolutions” yourself, or to come up with new ones (this is all about being more imaginative, after all!).

Urbanista At Home’s 2017 Creativity-Focused Resolutions

1. I resolve to take a class to learn how to do a creative activity, whether it’s learning how to make clay pottery, or learning how to play the guitar, or discovering new techniques for the kitchen in a cooking class.

2. I resolve to make an effort to “shop my home” or upcycle when I’m needing a change of decor in my house, taking things I already have and creatively updating them to make them exciting and “new” again.

3. I will make an effort to set time aside for myself to do creative activities. There are often un-tapped moments in our day where we can schedule in some “me and my imagination” time (and no, I don’t mean spending 5 minutes daydreaming while procrastinating work). Maybe you can write a bit of creative fiction in a notebook while on the bus to work, or do some knitting while watching the news in the evening. Taking time to nurture your creative soul can help you feel more productive and in-touch with yourself!

4. I resolve to actually creatively edit and print some of those hundreds of pictures I’m constantly taking with my phone! I’ll check out different photo editing apps or websites, and use the edited images to make cards, prints, framed displays and so much more.

5. Rather than just resolving to “lose weight”, I’ll have fun thinking up recipes and meal plans that will let me have fun in the kitchen preparing healthy foods. I will try new, exciting recipes and be creatively healthy in the kitchen when it comes to eating healthily!

6. I resolve to let myself “play ” with my creativity without self judgement. This might mean trying my hand at water-colour painting, or at sketching, even if my past experiences with these types of art didn’t produce Etsy-worthy artwork. Creativity is all about letting yourself explore, break boundaries, and grow, and not about sticking to a prescribed set of rules about what is the “right” way to do something.

7. I will resolve to not just default to shopping when I need to inject new life into my wardrobe, but will instead aim to make fun new wearables, such as  crafting cute accessories, altering old garments with fun updates, or even sewing some simple garments!

8. I resolve to share my creativity with others, whether it’s by making a batch of cookies to bring to work and share, or making Valentines cards for friends and family. Creativity is contagious and inspiring others to tap into their own creativity is a wonderful thing!

I hope these resolutions inspire you to make 2017 your most creative year yet. Please feel free to use the above resolutions to guide you, pick and choose your favourites, or even make up a few yourself! I’ve made a condensed,image version of this list below, that I’ve downloaded to my phone to view every once in a while to remind myself of these goals. Please feel free to download it, pin it, or share it to inspire yourself and others to nurture creativity this year!

xoxo, Urbanista At Home



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