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Thoughtful Thursday: André Gide on Taking Chances 

I haven’t shared a Thoughtful Thursday post in a while, so I thought that now (amidst all this dreary winter rain) might be a good time to share some inspirational words from André Gide, and hopefully light a match to brighten up today a little.

I took this jellyfish picture almost 2 years ago now, during a nostalgic trip to the Vancouver Aquarium during a similarly rainy blustery time of year. The hug-like warmth in the aquarium,  along with the vibrant colours of the animals and the tranquility of just spending some time among these beings that spend their lives floating on the waves,  definitely warmed my spirit. The way the aquarium displays their jellyfish is awe-inspiring, and I could have spent hours watching them. Instead, I opted for just capturing them on camera.

I thought André Gide’s gorgeous quote about taking chances and branching out from the unknown was the perfect accompaniment to my shot of the jellies. For me, in the context of creativity and making things, this quote reminds me that so many of our best, most creative and sucessful projects are produced when you let go of the “known”, take a chance and try something a little bit different, something more unique than what you are maybe used to. Everybody’s interpretation of this quote might be a little different, but I hope that it at least brings a little inspiration to try something new, to create in a way you haven’t created before!

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