Thoughtful Thursday: October 29th, 2015


Happy Thursday, everyone! Just a short post today as this week has been a super busy one, but wanted to make sure everyone gets their dose of Thursday creativity inspiration!

Today’s quote is from Mencius and was written in the year 400 BC. 2415 years later, and it still is relevant. This week I’ve spent probably over 15 hours already working on my Halloween costume (a looong process involving sewing, gluing, stapling, and more than a few trips to Michael’s craft store) and I’ve had so much fun tapping into my imagination and sense of creativity to remagine this classic movie character in a new light. (Its still a secret until halloween comes, but I’ll share an instagram picture of it on the blog instagram account on saturday!) It feels a lot like playing dress up as a child, and reminds me how wonderful and untamed one’s imagination is when they’re young. So this week, try finding that child – like creative essence inside you and bring her or him out!


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