About Urbanista At Home

The idea for this blog started a few years ago, when as an older teen, I started getting into hobbies that were traditionally thought of as “house-wife hobbies”. You know the types of activities I’m talking about: baking, sewing, party planning, home decorating, scrapbooking, and all the many sorts of activities generally thought of as “crafts”. While I loved the creativity and productivity that went in to these sorts of “house-wife” activities, I certainly didn’t fit the stereotype of a 1950s suburban homemaker living in green-lawned suburbs on the city outskirts.
While I definitely admire women who support their family from home and love the idea that every woman should have a choice to live her life and support her family in a variety of roles, from homemaker to working mother, to this point in my life in my twenties, I haven’t had the life experience to be able to personally identify with the“suburban homemaker” role. I’ve always lived in the city, about a 20 minute walk from what is thought of as the “downtown-core”.  I went to an “inner-city” high school, and since graduation, have been forsaking the whole buy-a-house and start-a-family thing in order to study at university for a bachelor’s degree.
 However, even with all the studying, working and general busy-ness that comes with being a full-time student and working at a part-time job, those “house-wife hobbies” have been some of the activities that have kept me happy and sane. There is nothing that better helps me take my mind off the stresses of school, work and life in general than spending an hour baking cookies, or an evening of scrapbooking with friends. For this reason, I wanted to start this blog, something devoted to those little creative, at-home activities that I love so much.
With the entries to follow, I wanted to show that even if you think you defy the stereotypical view of a 1950s “home-maker” and instead identify as a modern and trendy “urbanista”, it’s a lot of fun to take up activities such as sewing and baking!  I am hoping that “Urbanista at Home” can be a place to share ideas, thoughts and comments on many creative “at-home” activities,  and welcome any suggestions for future entries or projects!

xo Urbanista at Home

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